Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of becoming a member of PPNR?

There is no cost to join and be a member.

How do I Join?

All the paper work needed is right on our website to join, or simply contact us and will email you the forms needed.

How much can I make on a referral?

You make a generous split of 70% of the amount received by the company for your referral. Our typical referral fee charged to real estate companies is between 25% to 30% of the referring side of the commission (listing or selling side).
Here is an example
Sales Price: $350,000
Commission on referred side: 3% ($10,500)
Referral fee paid to PPNR is 25% ($3,150)
Your share would be 70% or ($2,005)

How much of a referral fee should I ask for?

When you are placing a referral directly with an agent yourself, the referral fee is an agreement between the two of you, but 25%-30% is standard throughout the industry. For the most part we will handle all paperwork and negations on your behalf.

Do I still have to do Continuing Ed when my license is with PPNR?

YES! While you, as an agent, are not active, your license is! Any active license must be renewed and continuing education must be completed every two years.

Can I get a referral on the sale/purchase of my own home?

YES! You would refer yourself to an agent just as you would any other buyer or seller.
PLUS, when you are buying or selling your own personal residence, your split will be 80% instead of the standard 70%.

If I know an agent I want my customer to work with, can I use that agent or do I have to go through PPNR?

If you know an agent, you can go directly to that agent, using our standard referral agreement. If you do not know an agent, just complete the on-line submittal form and let us handle on your behalf.

What do you need from me when I place a referral?

If we are placing the referral for you, we always need at least their name, address, contact info and any important info you want to pass along to us. If you are placing a referral directly with an agent, please email us a copy of our referral form for our records.

Can I make commercial referrals?

Yes! If you know a commercial agent, you can go to them directly, or just call us with the info and we will locate a top agent specializing in the type of property your customer needs representation with.

Can I make rental referrals?

If you know an agent that will pay a referral on a rental, then yes. Typically, agents will not pay referrals on rentals because there is so little commission involved. But at least you will be assisting your customer with their needs and when they are ready to buy, perhaps they will call you!

How can I promote myself as a referral agent?

The best way is word of mouth and letting everyone that knows you that you have an “active real estate license” and you can assist them anywhere in the country.